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Gas Inserts

At Better Homes Hearth and Patio Inc, our lineup of premium gas inserts is unsurpassed by anyone. Many of these beautiful inserts are burning in our stores. We are sure you will agree we offer the most realistic gas fires. We are a five star Travis dealer featuring Avalon, Loie and Fireplace Extrodinair products considered to be the best on the market today. One out of every three gas inserts sold in the U.S. last year was a Travis product, that is impressive and there is a reason. Avalon, FPX and Lopi offer more combinations of options and accessories which will make your purchase unique to you. Famous for its "Greensmart" system Travis inserts are always impressive. Travis products are mande in the U.S. (washington State) for those who appreciate American made products.

 Lopi, & Fireplace Xtrodinair

Small Gas Inserts

 Lopi 31DVI Small Gas Insert  FPX 31DVI Small Gas Insert  Lopi 31DVI Small Gas Insert


Lopi 32 DVS Small Gas Insert 32 DVS  Gas Insert FPX 32 DVS Small Gas Insert


Lopi & Fireplace Xtrodinair
Medium Size Gas Inserts

Lop1 33 DVi Mid--Size Gas Insert FPX 33 DVi Mid- Size Gas Insert lopi 33DVi Mid-Size Gas Insert


Lopi 34 DVL Mid- Size Gas Insert FPX 34 DVL Mid SIze Gas Insert Lopi 34 DVL Mid Size Gas Insert


Lopi 430 GS2 Insert     FPX 430 GS2 Insert 
 430 Insert


   Fireplace Xtrodinair, Lopi and Avalon
Large Gas Inserts

Lopi  616 Large Gas Insert FPX 616 Large Gas Insert 616 Large Gas Insert