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Avalon and Lopi Gas Stoves

  •   Now you can enjoy the look of an old fashioned wood stove without the work, just flick a switch of click   your  remote and a beautiful fire is your to enjoy. No handling wood, no mess and no cleaning up.
    No expensive chimney, most units will direct vent on an outside wall. The fire is so realistic your friends will be looking for the wood pile!

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Lopi Berkshire Gas Stove Lopi Northfield Gas Stove


Avalon Cypress Gas Stove Lopi Greenfield Gas Stove Avalon Tree of Life Gas Stove



We are no longer carry Regency Products.
It is our opinion that other products we sell offer better quality, more reliability and more realistic gas fires at competitive pricing.
Please come in and see all of our lines and made your own decision.